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Do you need a plumber in Lemont, Illinois? There are about 20,000 residents in Lemont, which is located in Will, Cook and DuPage Counties of Illinois. Lemont is located just south of the I-55 the Stevenson Expressway, and just east of I-355. Lemont is just 28 miles away from Chicago and is home to the famous Cog Hill Golf Course(s) facilities. Noble Plumbing and Sewer is a top provider of plumbing services, drain cleaning, sewer rodding and flood control services in Lemont, Illinois.

Noble Plumbing and Sewer services the residents of Lemont 24 hours 6 days a week! We can help you with plumbing service and repairs, sewer and drain rodding, sump / ejector pump(s), flood control problems and hot water heater issues. We serve residential and commercial customers in Lemont and the surrounding towns and areas.

Plumbing service, repairs and new installations – Noble Plumbing & Sewer offers plumbing services, repairs, and new installations in Lemont, IL. Whether you have a leaky faucet that needs to be repaired or replaced, a toilet that is overflowing, or have a major emergency plumbing issue like a burst or ruptured pipe our plumbers will help you diagnose and fix your problem quickly and efficiently. We provide the people of Lemont with fast, clean service at fair prices 24 hours – 6 days a week. We can help you with ruptured pipes, leaky pipes, plumbing code violations / corrections, emergency plumbing, faucet repair & service, and toilet repair & service. We handle ALL plumbing and sewer issues and problems.

Sewer & Drain Rodding – We also help the people of Lemont with sewer and drain rodding and cleaning. There are many ways a drain or sewer line may become clogged or stopped up. Once we identify the source of your clogged or backed up sewer line or drain, we will help you understand the problem and find a solution to fix it.

Sump Pump & Ejector Pump Services – In Lemont, IL, Noble Plumbing & Sewer offers sump & ejector pump services. When a sump pumps fails, water damage can ruin anything in your basement. We can help you repair your existing sump pump, or install a new sump pump if needed to help protect your basement and your property. We can provide repairs and inspections on all types of residential and commercial sump and ejector pumps. A reliable sump pump is crucial for flood prevention. We also offer battery backup systems to help keep you stay protected during power outages.

Flood Control Services – STOP your home from flooding in Lemont, IL. Noble Plumbing and Sewer can help protect your home or business from flood damage with a flood control system. We are experts at helping you eliminate flooding problems and sewer backups – for good!

Water Heater Repair, Service & New Installation – Noble Plumbing and Sewer offers water heater repair services to the people of Lemont, IL. We offer traditional tank and tankless water heater repair, service and new installation. If you’re looking for the very best plumbing and sewer services for help with a hot water heater repair or replacement issue – contact Noble Plumbing and Sewer.

Water Main & Water Service repairs and replacements – we can help you with a new water service in Lemont, IL to help you improve water pressure throughout your home or building. In addition, in many cases by replacing your water service with copper you will reduce or eliminate the lead in your water.

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